Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Wish List!

Several people have asked me what I'd like in a care package, so here is my list!

Chocolate, of course, but also books for the students. It is the craziest thing, but books are worth their weight in gold here. They are nearly impossible to find, well-loved to the point of being unreadable, and extremely expensive.

Flat rate boxes through USPS are the best deal going, but shipping to Rwanda is pricey and slow--I think the mail is transported via goat on the last leg of its journey. Still, care packages are always much appreciated. I've learned to do without a lot of things during the last couple months, but teaching without books is really cramping my style!

The List:

1. TOEFL prep books with practice tests
2. News and science magazines
3. Cliffs notes books, especially for the sciences!
4. Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe. This is considered the best African novel and I'd like my kids to read it (most have never read a novel). My goal is to obtain as many copies as possible. In a perfect world, I would acquire enough copies to assign it as reading for my senior class over the April break (I have about 160 seniors, so it may be a stretch).
5. I would also like a set of The Chronicles of Narnia (my fave) for the school.
6. A good dictionary--I forgot to bring one!
7. Speakers for my computer (for English listening exercises)
8. Molecular model kits for chemistry "lab"
9. Lindt chocolates (any kind of chocolate, really) and gummi candies for me :)

My mailing address:

Emma Eck
WorldTeach c/o KJ Fulkerson
Kigali Post Office
P.O. Box 4875
Kigali, RWANDA.
(writing GOD BLESS YOU somewhere on the package will keep it from getting tampered with)

Many Thanks Everyone!!!

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