Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Sweet (Moldy) Home

My House: All cement construction and plenty of room. So what if it smells like sewer and mold and the walls sweat and grow fur...it's home!

The Kitchen: No fridge, but lots of ants! Also, for some unknown reason, no running water after 10-11pm. I'm living large with a double sink and a decent-sized table. No storage though...

My Stove: A one-burner hot plate that electrocutes me daily--it really helps me jumpstart my day!

My swampy, moldy bathroom: Believe it or not, I'm living in the lap of luxury with electricity, running water, and a semi-normal toilet instead of a hole in the ground (not that it flushes).

The jackpot? A hot water heater! It almost makes the sweaty, slimey walls and sewer stink all worth it...

My Bedroom! I forgot to snap a pic of my bedroom! Will update soon...


  1. Please post photos of the interesting rashes that you develop due to the hairy walls.

    In all seriousness, this seems like you're living a pretty cushy lifestyle. The way you were making it sounds before your trip, I was worried you would be in a corrugated metal hut with no electricity or water.

    Wall color makes me think veterinary clinic.

    I'm glad you're having fun over there. Post more soon.

  2. Hey Rick!
    I was very lucky to get these accommodations. There are definitely volunteers who ended up without electricity or indoor plumbing. Having these things certainly makes life easier. I am waiting to find out how sick the dampness and mold makes me (was already sick once so far).

    p.s., my roof IS corrugated metal!

  3. Emma, I am DEFINITELY going to show these pictures to my eighth graders! Do watch out for that mold, though. It can be quite nasty if you get mold spores in your lungs. Can you get bleach to scrub the walls with?

    You never said whether you are still writing poetry. You sure have plenty of topics to write about!

  4. please post photos of the worms you found! your apartment rocks!